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A Union is more than the workers themselves. Workers who join together for a common cause and for common interests have strength, more strength than they can ever achieve individually. California State Bargaining Unit 12 exists to protect and advance individual and collective rights in wages, benefits, hours of work, and working conditions for the benefit of workers, their families, their communities, and the State of California.

The collective dues paid by all the employee members provide the means to have the finest legal, financial, political advocacy, and daily representation needed and required to protect, advance, and preserve the rights attained.

As a member you have the right to participate in and vote on all of the matters that affect you and your family in your work place. It is an important right, we feel it is the most important.

Fair Share Payers Are Not Members

There may be a number of workers within the Unit who pay a fee called “fair share” and erroneously believe they are members of the Union. “Fair share” is a fee for certain services the Union is required by law to provide to both Union members and non-union members alike. The fair share is the amount charged to the non-member to defray the costs of those services required. Fair-share fee payment does not constitute Union membership.

State Management continuously monitors and informs us of the number of employees eligible to be members and the total number who are members. They measure the strength of the Union, in everything they do, on what these numbers show. The more dues paying members, the more employees are united. That “there is strength in numbers” is something the State Management fully understands and reacts to.

We want and need YOU as a UNION member, we need your name added to the strength we have. The benefits are many, some of the specifics are:

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Job Protection

Members have the full power of the Union to represent, protect, and defend them in any discipline, grievance, arbitration, or other matter that may occur in the workplace. Non-members do not receive representation in any matter other than grievances. Hiring a private attorney — in the simplest of matters — can cost a minimum of $1,500 to $2,000. In complicated cases, attorney fees can run to $10,000 or more per case.

Membership Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

As a member, you will have an automatic $3,000 Life Insurance plus an additional $3,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Policy at no cost to you. Non-members are not eligible for this benefit.

Only Members Have a Right to Vote

Only members can attend union meetings, vote in Local Union elections, vote on how the Union should be run, vote on what it should be trying to accomplish, or vote on what it shouldn’t be doing. Only members can offer proposals for negotiations for new contracts. Only members can vote on the ratification of any new contract. Only members have a say, a vote on what is happening to you in your workplace, on your salaries, on your working conditions, on your benefits. Non-members don’t have any of these rights.

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Union Leadership

As a member, you may qualify for election or appointment as a Steward if you want to become actively engaged in the Unit activities. As a member, you may qualify for appointment on the Unit-wide negotiating team, the unit-wide or departmental safety committees, the Unit-wide or departmental joint management-labor committees, the Unit-wide or departmental Apprenticeship committees, on any committee that is formed or activated. Non-members cannot participate in these activities.

Credit Union

Members are eligible for IUOE Credit Union membership with assets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Checking, savings, Visa cards, auto, boat, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, motor homes, trailers, mobile home loans, home and personal loans, first mortgages on homes — all at the UNION interest rates, the lowest to be found anywhere.

250 North Canyons Parkway
Livermore CA 94551
Telephone: 925-454-4000
FAX: 925-454-4005
Toll Free: 800-877-4444
Web Site:

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Members can view appreticeship opportunities at the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) website. These opportunities give members a chance to gain employable lifetime skills and provides employers with a highly skilled and experienced workforce while strengthening California's economy. Click here to access website.

Educational Reimbursement

Members may be eligible for reimbursement of tuition and books costs for classes taken are for the purpose of improving job skills or for job advancement. Annually, members' children are eligible to apply for college scholarships that are awarded by the Locals. Non-members are not eligible for these benefits.


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To access the discounts, send your name, employer, job site and job classification to: Once your Unit 12 membership is validated, you will receive an email with the BenefitHub website links.

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